Let's get the story straight (in case anyone asks)...


Cimpoe Gallery is a collaborative enterprise between brother/sister team, Peter and Ileanna Cimpoe.

Ileanna and Peter Cimpoe currently reside in Hamilton, ON. They came by way of a childhood spent in northern Ontario and some middle years spent in British Columbia. While Ileanna feels a great kinship with nature and trees, Peter will be the first to say that he connects with the neon lights of the city. 

Ileanna and Peter started Cimpoe Gallery  in the summer of 2016.

Peter attended York University in Toronto. He tried his hand at a tattoo entrepreneurship but discovered quickly that it wasn't the field for him. He also attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. He is primarily trained in classical realism and his preferred medium to work with at this time are acrylic paints.

Ileanna also attended York University in Toronto. She studied literature and professional writing. She writes fiction in her spare time, mostly horror, and sometimes she dabbles in copy writing and editing.

Peter used to be avid power lifter but a recent back and neck injury has put an end to the hobby and hopes of pursuing any titles. His injuries make it difficult for him to paint for extended periods of time. He hopes that one day he will be restored to his former glory but until then he will do his best using a combination of physio therapy, humour, witchcraft and Netflix.

Ileanna is currently taking care of all Cimpoe Gallery administrative duties. It isn’t a glamorous job but someone has to get down and dirty with the books.

Both siblings are the obsessive types. Peter is currently really into Fellini's Satyricon while Ileanna won't shut up about Sicario.

Both are strong supporters of feminism and LGBTQ rights.

Both have deep love of all things vintage, old Hollywood and burlesque. It is a lifestyle as much as it is a passion.

They hope that those interested in finding out more about Cimpoe Gallery visit @petercimpoe and @cimpoegallery and follow the journey on Instagram.

They also wish to remind the reader that there are an infinite number of ways in which to cherish those things that means something to you. Celebrate the body and mind and do not shy away from those things that make us blush. Love passionately. Live Fearlessly. We are all in it together.

Come back soon!

Come back soon!