Let's get the story straight (in case anyone asks)...


Cimpoe Gallery is a collaborative enterprise between brother/sister team, Peter and Ileanna Cimpoe.

Ileanna and Peter Cimpoe currently reside in Coquitlam, British Columbia. They came by way of Ontario, having lived in Oakville, Toronto and Hunstville. While Ileanna feels a great kinship with nature and trees, Peter will be the first to say that he connects with the neon lights of the city. 

Ileanna and Peter started Cimpoe Gallery  in the summer of 2016.

Peter attended York University in Toronto. He tried his hand at a tattoo entrepreneurship but discovered quickly that it wasn't the field for him. He also attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. He is primarily trained in classical realism. He currently uses acrylic paint for his pin up and dreamscape paintings but he is an accomplished in oil painter as well.

Ileanna also attended York University in Toronto. She studied literature and professional writing. She writes fiction in her spare time, mostly horror, and she is an accomplished copy writer and editor. She has recently rekindled a renewed interest in painting. She is currently concentrating on landscapes and hopes to show some of her paintings one day (though not yet, she says).

They have parrots. Cherry, Bobbi & Gin.

They have a boxer. Lucy.

All of these animals are beloved and both siblings spend a great deal of time trying to sustain a complicated ecosystem of animals and temperaments. All of the animals prone to complaining about the status quo. All the animals think that they deserve more, despite the fact that they get everything.

Peter used to be avid power lifter but a recent back and neck injury has put an end to the hobby and hopes of competing professionally. His injuries make it difficult for him to paint for extended periods of time. He hopes that one day he will be restored to his former glory but until then he will do his best using a combination of physio therapy, humour, witchcraft and Netflix.

Ileanna is currently taking care of all Cimpoe Gallery administrative duties. It isn’t a glamorous job but someone has to get down with the books. She can often be seen in and around Vancouver working the Cimpoe Gallery tables and various spaces. Be nice to her! She works hard.

Sometimes Peter and Ileanna play board games with their friends. They are both highly competitive.

Both love comics, television and movies. Peter is currently really into Fellini's Satyricon while Ileanna won't shut up about Sicario.

Both are strong supporters of LGBTQ rights and feminism.

Both have deep love of all things vintage, old Hollywood and pin up. It is a lifestyle as much as it is a passion.

Cimpoe Gallery has also recently started a collaboration with the Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary. 10% of the Pin Up on Birds series of paintings and prints will go to support this amazing organization. Birds are Beloved so dig deep and hug your babies tight. You can find out more on Greyhaven by visiting their website http://greyhaven.bc.ca/ including how you can help.

And finally, follow more of the Cimpoe Gallery journey on Instagram @petercimpoe & @cimpoegallery. Discover more of the pin ups, the weird and the hilarious. And remember:

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?” - RuPaul

   Come back soon!

Come back soon!