Starting to get a handle on things...

We've started uploading pics and things are moving forward, quickly. I have to mention the state of some of the prints. The white on paper is a bit "speckled" in  some place. Whites not so white. This will change. I've got a better stock of white paper and they will generated much better prints. I've had to upload previous work and I'll admit, I didn't take care of the stuff the way I should have. I think my sister will be a great help on that front. She's got the right touch when it comes to stuff like this.

On that front; shout out to Ileanna. She's done an amazing job with setting up this site. She'll continue to host and add pieces to the site, tweaking aspects of it and taking care of the technical site of things. I'll answer questions and emails. I'll update the state of my work and give everyone an overview of what I am working on. I'll do my best to stay connected! You'll probably hear equally from the both of us. We are proud of what we have accomplished but please keep in mind that this site is still a work in progress. There may not be any further updates to this site until additional prints are generated. This will hopefully happen soon.