Better Call Saul - Layers Upon Layers

Peter is a few layers away from completing this illustration. It has taken him a bit longer than usual to finish but it is not from lack of trying! He’s been busy with another painting (portrait). He’ll fill us in on what he has been working on :) It’s an exciting new piece and features a certain predominant “goo” face we’ll get into a bit later (what is “goo” face you ask? Good question! Stay tuned…)

Better Call Saul / In progress /  Cimpoe Gallery

Now, to the matter at hand. Let’s talk Better Call Saul! Peter has put down all of his darkest darks and dimmer tones. The next layers are all about the specifics. We see more of the details in the face and expressions. We notice the nuances along the back wall (including some texture). The varied mug shots over Mike and Jimmy’s heads have all been  mostly completed. I love how the criminal faces takes up an overwhelming and expansive bulk of space. These criminals are some of the individuals that Mike and Jimmy will use to build and grow their respective reputations. The dye has been cast. It is the seedy element that is bearing down on the two of them, whether they realize it or not (Mike must be aware but Jimmy…not so sure about Jimmy). Season three of the show is set to start April (if I am not mistaken). Peter and I are certainly looking forward to the new season. Although Breaking Bad was favorite in its time, we’ve both concluded that Better Call Saul has done finer point of ironing out the characters that inhabit this universe. We get more of the people, more of the stuff that makes all these people tick. The fleshing out of the characters has been endlessly fascinating and further complicated by a climax we know, as viewers, is inevitable. The pacing is slowed. The tone is brighter (but no less dramatic). I love the introduction of Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). She balances Jimmy out with her no nonsense approach to “lawyering” (lawyers be lawyering) but she isn’t the straight man to his funny man. She’s ten folds more complicated. She isn’t the nag. She’s isn’t the girlfriend. She’s her own complicated individual and seeing how hard she works…well, we can only hope to work that hard in order the get what we want out of life (and boy does she WORK).

I think the work and consideration Peter has put into this illustration speaks to the attention the show deserves. We want to celebrate these wonderful little moments between characters, friends and foes, and we get so much out of this image which aligns exactly with some of the things we have been talking about. We’ll post the final variation of this illustration sometime in the next few days. Peter thinks he’ll be done by the end of the week. 

We'll touch base soon !

-Ileanna Cimpoe