Better Call Saul - Done & Done

It's always nice to see the end result of an illustration. There is nothing left to add. No more back and forth; no more humming and hawing. It's just done. I wonder if it is like a reading a book. Do the characters that you have lived with for so long linger in the mind and fingertips? Does Peter miss them after he has spent so much time sketching them out and working so meticulously to capture the essence of the person? Is there a bittersweet sense of relief? My brother will need to answer this questions for us. It's definitely something I wonder about.

Before we get into the finishing details of this illustration, there is a point Peter wanted me to stress: the illustration is warped! This is a result of my picture taking skills and not the illustration itself. The paper was curled slightly on one side and I didn't notice this until he pointed it out. It really bothered him. I told him no one would notice but it seems like the right thing to mention it, just in case there is someone with shark eyes looking at the image and thinking "what a hack job! Forget these amateurs." My intention is to get this illustration (and all others!) professionally scanned. This is something that should happen in the coming weeks. The scan will create better high def images and hopefully allow everyone to see every wonderful, minute and carefully applied brush stroke (do we even need to see that much !?)

Better Call Saul / Finished ? / Cimpoe Gallery

I really like this Better Call Saul illustration. I don't know if I am biased (I am soooo biased). I love the show and I have come to admire these two fine actors so much over the course of Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul. The cool tones that were applied to both Mike and Jimmy, during the initial first and second layers, adds an unexpected dimension to the characters. Behind their warmer exteriors resides something simmering and unresolved. I see this especially with Mike whose expression is especially cold and relaxed (also, he really is staring RIGHT AT US, isn't he?) I didn't expect Peter to use so many cool tones but it really does force us to re-evaluate the scene in a new light.  We get a lot of those lovely New Mexico reds, yellow and oranges but they have been dialed back. We feel the interior of this space as well. The frigid air conditioning is on full blast at the police station. The shadows along the back wall indicate to us a sun that is riding low on the horizon. It is closer to the end of the day than the beginning. Few possibilities remain. Fewer options left at the foot of desperate men; desperate Jimmy that is. The halls would be mostly emptied and those few voices left are quiet, hushed, and maybe hurried. Men left alone with their thoughts.

Look at Jimmy. Look at that face. Those hands. His oversized suit with the large lapels and wide buttons. Jimmy, man, what are you thinking ? God only knows....

-Ileanna Cimpoe