Crazy for Crazy Sake

Annie Wlikes! Cimpoe Gallery

Happy Halloween ladies and gents ! We are mad with the season. Mad for spooks and ghouls an all things hollow’s eve. Around the corner is fan expo. Giddy as a schoolgirl and excited for the next phase. The news has been pretty bleak (talk about all sorts of horror) but we try hard not to dwell on the bad. I’m inlined to think of things in a Rust Cohle sort of way -pulpy, mad bleakness- but then I put on my Dale Cooper glasses and see the world through his eyes. We can get up tomorrow and start over. We can start over as a new person in a new town, if we really wanted to, and that is sometime enough to keep on keeping on. 

Stay safe. Live Deliciously. 

~Ileanna Cimpoe