Cactus Dream Space!

Innovation is the mother of invention. Conceptual ideas and fine craftsmanship are at the very top of Cimpoe Gallery objections. Day in and day out, we look for new ways to reach across the aisle and make connections. Quite often, we think about ways to make people smile. How can we continue to grow as a company, still remain profitable, and also craft something that will be of worth to our fans and buyers? Peter’s illustrations have been a fantastic stepping stone. Through experimenting with mediums and pivoting our vision ever to slightly so that it connects with more people, we’ve managed to solidify a more versatile brand !

Cactus + UFO Cimpoe Gallery

All this to say that it is our great pleasure to introduce the beginnings of a new line of merchandise! Here is a sneak peak of something I’ve been working on. I think we’ve stumbled on something that will get people exited. Beyond the fantastical and whimsical…it’s something of the heart. Let me bridge the connection we have to fandom. I want to create something that people can hold in their hands, take to their home (or offices!) and then, maybe more importantly, to gift! Let’s share the love. Find something on this site that you think will connect with someone in your life and please gift this magical thing to them!  Keep checking in. The merchandise section will expand quickly :)

-Ileanna Cimpoe