Fight or Flight

We are at a place in the business where we have no choice but the barrel ahead. There is no room for doubt. There is no place for the weak. The brand has evolved to a point where we feel we have finally found the niche we have been searching for all this time. These powerful images of men and women in varying states of determination and strength speaks so much of what we want and where we are at this time in history. In a landscape where you need only throw a stone in any direction in order to hit an "artist", we have to stand apart. We need to create something that no one else can immediate. Peter Cimpoe is focusing on pieces that have generated the best response we have ever seen from clients and fans. This is the place where we belong. We are among the gladiators, ready to do battle. Bring it on !!!!

Ileanna Cimpoe

Gladiator Women.jpg